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Ionsat is a 6U nanosatellite equipped with an electric propulsion engine, dedicated to demonstrating the feasibility of nanosatellite missions in very low orbit (250km).

More information on IonSat can be found on this page (only in French).

Internship description

In the context of IonSat and the CSEP, the student will participate in the development of the Flight Sofware (FS), as well as the flatsat that will be used to test the software. Notions of software development and space systems engineering will prevail. The mission will focus on :

  • The development, implementation, and validation of main modes of the FS
  • The development, implementation, and validation of the communications between the on board computer (OBC) and the different sub-systems

Prior experience or training in embedded systems or C/C++ programming is necessary to be able to carry out these missions.

The intern will work with two full time engineers of the CSEP, and can use the help of the space team of the Laboratory of Plasmas Physics, specialized in conception of space-ready magnetometers and onboard electronics. There are also frequent contacts with experts from the French aerospace agencies (CNES, ONERA) and compagnies (Thal├Ęs) partners of the IonSat Project.

You will find all the information on this proposal in this file .

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