Here are the projects proposed by CSEP / Astronautix.


IonSat is a student nanosatellite project (CubeSat) that we are conducting at École Polytechnique. It was initiated following the successful launch of X-Cubesat, the first operational student satellite put into orbit in April 2017 by our predecessors at X. The objectives around this project are numerous and ambitious… The mission is to put an ion thruster into orbit, to demonstrate the technology and to study the effets of iodine deposits on the operation of the satellite. It is a 6U size cubesat, developed in collaboration with ThrustMe, VKI and CNES (Janus 2).

IonSat Phase A Review, 2019

IonSat Phase A Review, 2019

More information about Ionsat is available on this page.


The ESD-CubeSat mission aims to study ESD (ElectroStatic Discharges) phenomena in order to better protect ourselves from them. We would like to use the X-CubeSat platform ( 2U) to add ONERA payloads to study the ESD phenomena, we work in collaboration with ONERA and CNES ( Janus 2).

Tests in progress on the X-Cubesat backup model](/img/vrac/test_crocus.jpg)


The X-Rocket project has for main objective the launch of an experimental rocket following the X-Rocket project launched by the X17 in the C’Space program in July 2019. This project has its objectives to work on the embarkation of a miniaturized device on our vector and to compare the radar equivalent surfaces.

Realisation of the rocket

Digital twin

This project consists in creating a numerical simulation of the rocket to be launched.

Back on Earth

The objective of the project is the study and demonstration of a reusable launcher. The control of the rocket is carried out by orientation of the flow of the reactor, in English thrust vectoring.


Development of a low-cost methane-oxygen engine, focusing this year on the test bench.

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